Sports Pay Gap - Behind the News

Really lovely running from Pearson. She's been run out! Stephanie Gilmore has been... Oh, she's done
it again. Yeah, I think Australia should be mighty proud of itself when it comes to producing top

female athletes and it seems like you guys agree. I like Sam Kerr because she's extremely skilful. I

like Sally Pearson because she's just, like, a really good athlete. I really like Erin Phillips because

she's an amazing athlete and I personally find her a huge inspiration for girls and women who want to

start playing sport. Some new research has shown the popularity of top level women's sports is on the

rise. And more than half of Australians follow women's sports. That's great news for people like

Nicole, who spent her whole life getting to the top of her game. Yeah, I mean, I love it. It's so much

fun. It's so fun to play in front of a lot of people but, like, just obviously having a love for the game

and playing it at that kind of level it'…